Entrepreneurs at law.

We’re a boutique litigation and corporate firm in Greenville, South Carolina, dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed.

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Does your lawyer “get it”?

Many attorneys start and end their careers practicing law, never gaining practical experience in the business world.  Campbell Teague brings real-world experience to the table from several industries, including finance, marketing, and tech, giving us a unique perspective on the challenges facing your business.

What is an hour worth?

Traditionally, law firms have quantified this in terms of what it is worth to them.  We are much more concerned with what an hour is worth to you.  At Campbell Teague, we never want there to be a question in our clients’ minds that they received more value from our services than they spent in legal fees.

How can we help you?

While no law firm can promise specific outcomes, Campbell Teague is committed to your cause.  We care about our clients’ goals and objectives.  From forming your company to defending you in litigation, we will persevere to achieve the best possible result for you.